My RC Services

Rc broken? 
Rc not drifting or driving too well? 
Rc needing a competition worthy setup? 
Rc need an overall clean and adjustment? 

Hey - im Hussain and im offering a Rc model servicing program which is ensured to make your Rc perform at its maximum potential. My servicing program is made to work around YOUR time. 

I specialize in ELECTRIC rc drifting however, with being in rc as long as myself, personal gains and experience have taught me to setup and manage on-road and off-road chassis to the best of my ability. Experience has also lead to me to meet many new people with a wide knowledge base of RC and keeping up with the ever growing hobby, in fact i have done many jobs for Driftmission, Members of MelbRc, Other interstate customers and of-course our very own Drifting family here in Sydney. 

As well as servicing ready built chassis's, im also able to build kits, quality is assured as i do not skip or take shortcuts in the work i do. 

A small insight as to what i offer in my servicing: 
-Full Rebuild
-Full Clean
-Steering mod 
-Wiring job 
-Full setup 
-Counter steer 
-Clearance mods
-Photo shoot 
-Posting a thread with picture Diary 

My Rc servicing program is made to work around YOU, meaning what you want and how you want it. 

A basic Service 
(Full rebuild and clean) 
Wiring Jobs
(If specific wires are needed or wanted, the price of the items are added to the cost of the service) 
A Full service 
(Anything and Everything) 

Paypal accepted
Cash on pickup of serviced articles.

For National/International, the cost of shipping your chassis back home is added to the cost of the servicing itself

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