Friday, October 21, 2011

REVIEW: Raikou DXPE Drift Tires

Big Shout Out to Neal for letting me try these awesome tires!  

Slideability: 9/10 (Auburn Surface)
Looks: 8/10
Price: 9/10
Grip: 3/10 (the lower the number the better) (Auburn Surface)
Where to get: Contact neal on this forum (nanf) or buy them direct from his new website,


Okay so about 2 weeks ago i got a pm from neal or nanf on the forum (owner of ,anyways he asked me to try out these new tires made in the USA, i gladly accepted,Apparently these tires are a massive hit in the Us and have been sold out week by week, they became famous in the kyokuro drift vids on youtube. When neal further explained to me how these tires worked and looked i was a bit unsure. But looks can be deceiving, deceiving is this tires middle name! Anyways, the tires reached my door 3 days later, i opened the package and was supprised to see these things, at first sight i was like ''Sushi tires.....on a diet''..

i decided to find these new tires a home.. what better than spice 8mm offset i won from cs jam... i think so :). I was told by neal that the tires were very easy to put on to any rims, at first i didnt belive that becuase of the tires hard compound but i was proven so wrong... they fit on like a glove you dont even need hot water! (i decided to go for the jdm rim over the tire look) heres how they turned out.

Heres a picture of the tires next to my other set of sqaure medium tires, not as much meat but Dont be fooled by its low profileness guys, these tires last for a very very long time due to its hard compound of DPXE

First Drive
These tires provide the grip you need and the slide you want at the same time, at low speeds the tires grip enough to get your sh*t togethor so you can initiate a drift then these things break loose, even with my VDF being at 100% Cs it just glides! these tires are buttery smooth :)

The pictures explain themselves, there is hardly any wear on the tires from 45 minutes of drifting on Auburn's surface

If anyone Wants to try out these tires, just ask ill be there every wednesday. Make sure to write on what you think about these tires in this thread after you try them though!

Guys make sure to check out , Neal has just started it up and would really appreciate it if you guys could check out the items he has. You can also buy raikou tires on there to try and keep for yourself  :


  1. nice review man ;)
    can you tell me what Auburn's surface is like (beeing not from australia and stuff haha)?

    Do you know if they work good with heaps of camber too? (-8 to -12°)?

  2. hey man, Auburns surface is polished concrete, i run -10 and -6 on my VDF and it runs very smooth, my friend is going to let me test out the D68 tires very soon also ;) ill put a review of that too if you want

  3. yeah, would appreciate that :)
    and nice, I nearly run the same camber on my CER ;)..